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Sheetal Dhamecha

Say hi to the prodigy!

The influencers’ form of testimonial advertising has given birth to what is called ‘Word of Mouth 2.’ Essentially, Influencer Marketing is the new form of social media marketing involving endorsements from key opinion leaders of the web or people who can exert ‘social influence’ in their field or area of interest. An influencer, in general, is somebody who can influence the choices of people because of their knowledge or reliable relationship with the audience. Seeing through the eyes of brands, influencers, and consumers; influencer marketing is the new kid in the web advertising space, and it looks as if he’s a prodigy! The global Influencer Marketing industry is expected to be valued at around USD 8 million by 2020.

The new kid is the extension of the old Word of Mouth (WOM)

Influencers are able to persuade on the basis of the ‘one amongst you’ feeling. As per the generic theory of social influence i.e. the two-step flow of communication, influencer’s commonality and trust over their audience is leveraged by brands in the first place, which further branches into the actual WOM. By far, all influencer marketing leads to WOM wherein all WOM isn’t about influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the likable kid for all stakeholders












The end consumer is less confused

Say you want to buy a hair care product, why won’t you be inclined to the one recommended by the college senior you followed, for you were left in awe by her fashion statement.

Influencers dance with joy. Consider a college senior reviews products out of passion and has a decent social media engagement as well, how about her being able to earn enough revenue to make her social media passion as her profession with influencer marketing.

Brands rejoice on reaching the ones they want. For instance, you want to create awareness about your new hair serum. Why won’t you leverage the trust build by the hairstylist who engages with her followers for hair care remedies on a daily basis!

TopSocial adopts the new kid that doesn’t fit in the old structure!

Influencers’ audience is their tangible asset. Unlike the traditional ads, influencers don’t work on the ideology of whatever suits the brand best, rather strategic brand integration works more. With brands building up standardized content for influencers, it is inevitable to make the endorsement look free of ‘sponsored/paid’ content. However, the less the better! The complexity is that the brand isn’t just selling the product to the consumer through influencers, rather the influencers are selling the product along with their creative content (their product) to their followers and prospective followers.  So, a prospective sale shouldn’t let influencer lose followers and the existing followers should surge sales for the brand. Only then, it works fine at both ends. This is what TopSocial ensures by giving creative liberty to influencers apart from the open, democratic platform wherein brands can directly connect with influencers and build viable campaigns.

Influencers’ followers are merely a number. To pull off a successful marketing campaign, insights on the demographics of the influencers' audience, their engagement rates, their content strategy, etc have to be noted. Macro influencers are capable of creating brand awareness on a huge scale. However, the magnitude of power that micro-influencers hold shouldn't be disregarded. They may have better conversion rates due to their niche audience and more trust value. TopSocial experts strive to find the right mix, strike a balance for brands as there are influencers from various categories and levels depending on their follower base.

In this age of surplus information, choosing the right strategy with the maximum ROI coupled with the needs of brands, influencers, and end consumers is the way forward. And the guardians of this prodigy are working for the best!






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