Smashing Stereotypes One Reel At A Time: Bored Games Partners With Budding Creators

Asmita Arya

TopSocial’s recently launched content platform, Bored Games, gathered over 100k+ views and 200+ entries for its Women’s Day campaign, #OooWomaniyaar, that aimed at puncturing stereotypes and casual sexism with short format content on Instagram.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, TopSocial’s recently launched content platform, Bored Games, decided to do what women do every day- call out problematic stereotypes- to help peddle an empowering message. Under the umbrella campaign, titled #OooWomaniyaar Bored Games crafted its original audio, from Gangs of Wasseypur’s song, ‘O Womaniya’, for the reel format on Instagram and also launched an engaging contest to drive a conversation on gender roles and puncturing stereotypes.


The Women’s Day campaign invited women from all walks of life - be it creators, working professionals, and college-going among others- to create content, borrowing substance from their own experiences. With the aim to advocate content that empowers and entertains, the campaign kick-started an original trend where women took a dig at the hypocrisy of gender norms, roles and stereotypes, in a creative manner.


Bored Games’ original audio amassed over a total of 100K+ views, including the participation of a significant number of budding content creators. The adjacent contest invited participation on the topic 'Sassiest Comeback to Everyday Stereotypes, ' and gathered over 200+ unique entries where women gave on-point clapbacks and shared their mantras to tackle problematic statements and casual sexism.

From body-shaming, beauty standards and wage gap to roping in female solidarity, #OooWomaniyaar tapped into multiple aspects of womanhood and the everyday struggles women face. Micro-influencers from the beauty, art, and entertainment genre among others actively engaged with Bored Games’ original audio, making the campaign a huge success.


Bored Games, a part of Topsocial’s Influencer Marketing Business, has already hit the right strings, with the content gathering more than 4Mn+ interactions, within just 1 month of inception. With Topsocial leading the Influencer Marketing and allied projects, Bored Games is an amalgamation of content backed with insights and expertise of the entertainment industry.


The channel identifies as a platform where a bunch of marketeers create content when bored, and is a hub where people can head to in their leisure/‘bored’ times. Bored Games aims to provide businesses with an avenue to connect with their audiences through innovative association. With targeted interactive content led by marketeers, Bored Games gathers critical youth insights, and eventually offers brands a platform to further engage consumers & develop brand-building initiatives to achieve their business objectives.


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