They Did It Right! Successful Influencer Marketing campaigns worth learning from

Sheetal Dhamecha

Influencer marketing is fairly new, yet a very promising way to scale up marketing outcomes. Brands bet big on influencers who are specialists in their niche. However, with influencers endorsing brands every now and then, it is of great importance that your campaign idea stands out and isn’t seen simply as ‘one of the other posts.’

Here are the unconventional, widely acclaimed Influencer Marketing Campaigns from across the globe that you must be aware of before you plan yours

       1. Revolve: #revolvearoundtheworld Campaign

Who?  Revolve is an LA based fashion, beauty multi-brand retail stop for millennials. One of the pioneers of Influencer Marketing, Revolve bets big on it. Its journey to be one of the trendiest and most profitable e- commerce platforms proves the strategy right.

How they did? Unlike the usual, this influencer campaign doesn’t engage influencers for traditional fashion advertorials. The company sponsors influencers’ getaway trips from Palm Springs to popular music festival like the Coachella, inviting influencers to hang out while posting pictures of them with Revolve Clothing. The pictures depicting the lifestyle of an exemplary Revolve customer appear more realistic than a staged photoshoot.

What it did? The hashtag #revolvearoundtheworld has 116,854 posts today. The official Instagram handle of Revolve has 3.4 million followers.  The numbers are huge! With popular bloggers like Kendall Jenner, Aimee Song, to mid-level influencers, about 3500 in all, they spread a wide net that makes Revolve talk of the town. Not just talk, the 25% annual budget used for influencer marketing drives 70% sales of the company.

       2. SeatGeek : The people you go with make it right Campaign.

Who? Seat Geek is the largest event ticket search engine. It enables users to buy and sell tickets for live sports, concerts, theatre events.

Seat Geek increased its influencer marketing budget substantially. In 2018, influencer marketing formed 45% of the total ad budget of the company.

How they did? SeatGeek worked with over 500+ influencers including, David Dobrik, Olivia Culpo and Brad Mondo, Alex Morgan. The company worked with influencers to help them create content from an experience where they would need a ticket, like taking a parent to the World Series or going to a concert. The campaign resulted in getting Seat SeatGeek saw “a really strong redemption rate driven by the loyalty of their massive audience that many of the podcasts and YouTube videos have.”

What it did? As of February 2018, the company worked with influencers to create more than 1,500 videos that garnered more than 125 million organic views. David Dobrik with his long term partnership with Seat Geek came to be identified as the face of the brand, and his loyal 15 million+ followers saw the brand in high regard. 

       3. WWF : TooLatergram Campaign

Who? The World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund) is an NGO working in the field of wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

 Leveraging the popularity of Instagram in Gen Z and millenials, WWF launched an eye-opening campaign to showcase the effects of environmental destruction. 

How they did?  For their aptly named #TooLatergram Campaign, WWF and TBWA\Paris partnered with nine popular Instagrammers who posted photos of scenic locations around the world, only to reveal that the landscapes now look much different.  The influencers posted amazing images (photo shopped) of the WWF's Priority Places and the viewers were attracted to visit the location. As viewers swiped through the carousel, they saw the current state of these places which are continuously affected by pollution and climate change. The captions under the images read: “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit this place anymore. #TooLatergram. But there are still places that need our help to be saved.”