One of South Asia's largest high-end holiday home rental management companies, Vista Rooms is synonymous with getaways in the lap of luxury and has served over 150000 happy travelers.

Key Requirements

  • To promote Vista Rooms as a luxury holiday home brand and make it the first choice for travelers.
  • To increase visibility of the brand.
  • TopSocial created a strategic social media campaign based on user experiences of mega influencers.
  • Majorly, travel and lifestyle influencers were chosen for a staycation at Vista Rooms.
  • Influencers shared genuine stories centered on vacation memories and luxury living.
TopSocial Results
  • With more than 2.2 million followers of 10+ influencers, the brand was promoted by creating engaging content on Instagram.
  • It resulted in 100k+ engagement on social media posts.
  • The campaign resulted in articles, reviews, and videos, creating a positive brand story.