How It Works

Here is the process of our work

Your search for the ultimate platform to connect with influencers and run multi-regional, multi-lingual and scalable campaigns ends right here. The process of hiring key opinion leaders for your digital campaigns has been simplified so that you can easily connect to verified and authoritative influencers who are the right fit for your brand. Start creating your campaign now.

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    Campaign Set up

    Set up a campaign with the brief, timeline, and budget.

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    Search for the influencers that fit your requirements.

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    Collaborate with the influencers on board to create mutually desirable content.

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    Invite the selected influencers to join your campaign.

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    Once you approve, your campaign goes live!

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    Make the agreed upon payments.

  • Track

    Track how well your campaign’s doing

Leverage your content and your following with brands that are looking for you.